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Anaesthesia and your Child


In the Autumn of 2015 Dr. Eickmeier attended a specialist conference that discussed the relative risks of anaesthesia in the pediatric population.  The conclusion was that with young children (less than 3 years of age) the effects of anaesthesia are cumulative, with the possibility of affecting the neuroregenerative capabilities of the pediatric brain.  The conclusion, quite simply is that while anaesthesia is necessary and essential to allow quality care for these children, it is prudent and wise to do everything possible to minimize the total time under anaesthesia for the children in this age bracket.  


At Dentistry While You Dream, we have a specialized team who are specifically hired and trained to assist Dr. Eickmeier, a certified specialist in Dental Anaesthesia, and ensure that the length of time that your child is asleep is kept to the absolute minimum.  Full mouth rehabilitation for the paediatric patient is always accomplished in a single appointment, and counseling is provided for you, the parents, on appropriate dietary habits including snack frequency, meal times, appropriate snacks/meals, how to manage common issues surrounding proper nutrition for your child, and also an in depth analysis of your child's oral hygiene procedures, how to modify those procedures, etc.  


Our goal is to ensure that after your child's appointment in our office, you will never need our services again!  All future appointments will take place in your family dentist's office, and hopefully it will be many years before another cavity will need to be treated.

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