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Cosmetics for Kids


With the increase in the rate of decay for kids today, it is not uncommon for children to require child root canal therapy (pulpotomy) and after this therapy it is imperative that the tooth be protected from failure and fracture by the placement of a stainless steel crown.


Many parents object to the appearance of the stainless steel crowns, and until recently, there was simply no alternative.  Many companies produce prefabricated all ceramic crowns for use in the paediatric molar region, however, due to the extremely high forces in the child mouth, and the fact that these crowns are not custom designed for the specific tooth (excessive cement thickness = prone to fracture), these prefabricated crowns fracture very quickly and need to be replaced, usually with a stainless steel crown.  


Cerec3D hasn't been used for the paediatric mouth due to the fact that in order to obtain the optical impression, the patient is required to remain completely still, and this is inevitably problematic in a typical child.  With the addition of anesthesia, the Cerec3D machine can be used to fabricate precise fitting crowns for your child that are in extremely strong ceramic materials and look just like natural teeth.  When your child smiles, eats and talks, nobody will know that any dental treatment was ever rendered, and your child will have self confidence and able to develop verbal skills and help avoid ridicule from classmates at school.

Please inquire about the possibility of offering strong tooth colored restorations for your child and avoid the look of metal in your child's mouth.

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