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Paediatric Full Mouth Rehabilitation:


If your child says "NO" to getting his teeth fixed at the dentist's office, we've got the best thing since the tooth fairy!


The most important aspect of visiting the dentist is that the child doesn't experience a negative event, and thus fear visiting the dental office for the rest of his life.  When presented with an extensive amount of dental procedures, it is wise for the dentist and the parent to consider using anaesthesia to accomplish all the treatment in a single appointment, and thus bring the child to Dentistry While You Dream, and complete all procedures in comfort, and ensure the child doesn't have a negative experience.  


Children become apprehensive and develop anxiety quite easily and use these feelings to develop behavior that can affect other life events.  Is is for this reason that we ensure only positive experiences occur during a child's medical and dental appointments.


Safety and great outcomes are influenced by specialist training, knowledge and experience. There are many general dentists who offer 'sedation dentistry' or 'dentistry while sedated of asleep' but are not specialists in the area. When it comes to anesthesia and sedation dentistry, you may want a board certified specialist with extensive experience.


Adult Dental Services:


Many people are able to tolerate visiting their dentist and having treatment completed with only local anesthesia, but as much as 33% of the general public indicate that they would prefer to have something more to help them relax.  Common anxiety promoting items include the many noises associated with dental treatment, the uncomfortable smells associated with dental treatment, uncontrollable gag reflexes, and the uncomfortable feeling of having the dentist working in the VERY personal space of your head and mouth.  If you tend to salivate excessively, making treatment uncomfortable for you and your dentist, or if freezing (local anesthesia) works poorly or not at all, this can add anxiety to your dental appointments.  Anxiety about having injections in your mouth or having a rubber dam placed on your teeth or having your mouth held open with a 'bite block' are also common issues.   By going to sleep for this treatment, you avoid all of these untoward events.  


The goal at Dentistry While You Dream is to provide only the very least amounts of medication to achieve effective comfort and safety for the patient.  Being asleep for dental treatment at DWYD is typically milder and easier than a hospital general anaesthetic.  In addition to this, recovery is typically smoother, allowing you or your child to return to normal activities sooner, with fewer side effects and discomfort.


Unlike 'sedation dentistry' or twilight sleep, Specialist level Dentistry while you are asleep is the best way to ensure you are comfortable, unaware and your safety is paramount.


Cosmetic Serices:


Dr. Eickmeier has a special interest in the cosmetic reconstruction of your smile.  This has always been a focus of his practice since 1999.   This is the reason that he has been a Cerec dentist since 2000 and a member of many cosmetic dental organizations as well.  A beautiful and healthy smile is one of the most important aspects that helps self confidence and happiness in life.  


If you have questions about any aspect of the cosmetic appearance of your smile, Dr. Eickmeier is eager to help you gain the satisfaction of a beautiful smile.   


Wisdom Teeth and difficult extractions:


There's no question - removal of teeth while awake is uncomfortable for the patient.   Impacted wisdom teeth can be quite uncomfortable to have removed while awake.  This is also true for certain teeth that are not impacted.  With the adjunct of anesthesia, Dr. Eickmeier is able to safely and efficiently surgically remove these problematic teeth.  While not all teeth require a CBCT (Cone Beam) image to locate the site of the mandibular nerve, some patients will benefit from a 3D image prior to undergoing surgery, and with the Sirona CBCT on site, this is easily accomplished at DWYD.   


If you happen to have other treatment that you would like to have completed at the same appointment (fillings, crowns etc), this is also easily accomplished while you sleep.


Root Canals:


Few procedures at the dentist's office stir up discomfort more than the phrase "root canal".  At DWYD, we can complete your root canal therapy in one appointment in most cases, and in complete comfort.  The adjunct of the Cone Beam scan will help us to locate the key canals prior to accessing the tooth itself.   Prior to initiating root canal therapy, we will discuss all the key aspects that will aid success, one of which is the placement of a full coverage restoration at the completion of the root canal itself.  Some patients will want to have that crown prepared and placed prior to waking up, which is easily accomplished with the Cerec3D CAD/CAM technology.  Others will prefer to return to their general dentist and have the crown completed there.  Either way, it is important to understand that without that crown, the root canal procedure is likely to fail.  We can work closely with your family dentist to ensure that you maintain this tooth for years to come.


Fillings/Cleanings and other general dentistry:


No procedure is too small.  If you're nervous about visiting the dentist, we are specialized to help you complete your dental treatment in complete comfort, with the minimum amount of medications possible.  


Environment and Anaesthesia:


Here at Dentistry While You Dream, we are committed to providing our patients world class service, but also ensuring we are responsible stewards to the environment.  It is now accepted that the potent inhaled vapours typically used to produce a general anaesthetic are harmful to the environment because the spent gases are expelled to the atmoshpere.   This can and does result in significant damage to the ozone layer.  By avoiding the use of these vapours, we do our part to minimize our impact on the environment.


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