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Patient Information


What to expect:


1.  Meet the staff and the facility.  At your consultation appointment, you'll have a chance to meet everyone and become familiar with our specialized facility, specifically designed and staffed with a team trained to ensure your safety and comfort.


2.  Together, you and we will put together a treatment plan that best suits your needs.   If the patient is your child,  we will discuss details of how we will handle possible changes in the course of our plan for the dental treatment plan.  Please bring all details of any insurance coverage as predeterminations will be sent to the insurance company that day via the computer.

Information and instructions on what to do the day prior and the day of surgery will be provided.  You may also be required to attend your family doctor for an appointment for consultation as well.


NOTE:  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Unless instructed by the staff, please eat/drink nothing after midnight the day before surgery.  Please advise the staff at least 72 hours prior to the day of surgery of any changes in scheduling - we require advanced notice to ensure another patient can be arranged to take this appointment time.  Ensure you have an escort who can remain at the office for the duration of the appointment, and ensure you understand that you may be at the office for an extended appointment, and your escort should understand this as well.  NO appointment will commence if the escort(s) for the patient are not with the patient.  


You should take all usual prescription drugs according to your normal routine, with a small sip of water.  Avoid herbal supplements on the day of surgery, especially kava, ginko or St. John's Wort.


Also the patient should avoid grapefruit juice for at least 2 days prior to the day of surgery.




The PDF file below lists all the medications that interact:






Tell us before your appointment if you are pregnant or have had any changes in your general health, especially in cases of difficulty breathing or a decrease in exercise tolerance.  For children, should the child develop any cough or cold, please call the office immediately as this could indicate a need to reschedule the anesthetic for another day.


Please ensure that you have someone who will stay with you at home until you feel recovered and feel fine.  For children, one adult must remain with the child until the following morning.


Rare after effects: should you experience nausea, vomiting, bruising, extended drowsiness or any other rare after effects, please call the office immediately.  95% of patient appointments experience no after effects, and we are more than happy to assist should you have anything but a comfortable recovery.  Specific recovery instructions will be provided according to your specific needs on the day of surgery.


3.  On the day of surgery, arrive early and relax as our specialty team attends to your needs.


4.  Relax after your appointment and recover.  Our staff will attend to you until you are ready to proceed home with your chosen escort.  Please note: children ALWAYS require two adults to accompany them from the office.


5.  Enjoy your new smile!




All fees are to be paid on the day of treatment.  We have the latest dental software, and we will submit all necessary codes electronically to your insurance company.  Typically, insurance companies process the claim and submit the reimbursement directly to you within a week.  We accept cash, debit and all credit cards.  Personal cheques are not accepted.  Care Credit is an option for those who wish to explore financing options.   We accept all major forms of card payment.



The office is open from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm unless otherwise directed.  We strive to stay on schedule, however due to the fact that we always want to minimize risk of a further appointment, especially for children, some appointments can be extended due to increased treatment needs.  We ask your patience and understanding in these situations.  We always treat each patient to the fullest extent of safety and to minimize the need for a second appointment if possible.

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