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Porcelain Veneers


No matter how disappointed you are with the teeth nature gave you – even if they are cruelly misaligned, misshapen, stained from antibiotics or tobacco, or just plain not what you’d hoped for – modern smile makeovers with porcelain veneers can give you the smile of your dreams. And the technology behind them often makes them the most precise solution to many cosmetic problems, from a single tooth to a full-mouth reconstruction.


Veneers are small, razor-thin, custom-made covers for your teeth. Veneers are made from layering ceramics to perfect the appearance of each tooth after they are bonded to its front surface. They are created carefully  in a shade chosen to match your own teeth, or to change it to create a new, brighter shade and, when completed, to present a natural appearance and a comfortable fit that are often a huge improvement on your natural teeth, yet still mimic nature. We have specialized in porcelain veneer technology throughout our practice, and we have seen how profoundly it has improved the appearance of our patients. We have also learned from our patients how profoundly veneers have heightened their self-esteem and increased their confidence. If you have considered investigating the possibility of veneers, we suggest you page through the Smile Gallery to see exactly how veneers might help you reach your goal.


Veneers can improve many cosmetic challenges and can be completed in as little as two sessions. Porcelain veneers offer a strong and long-lasting option and, unlike composites, are less prone to staining. They also have a natural, translucent look. Composites, however, are less expensive, and are an excellent choice to repair small chips and flaws. But the most important ingredients of all successful veneers are their fit, as well as their appearance. We strongly encourage our patients to communicate their desires in order to make sure we give them a clear understanding of their treatment plan and its costs.


Although the steps and work involved in placing veneers may seem complex at the beginning, we have been using the most advanced technology to ensure that the process is not only pain-free, but long-lasting. There are a variety of dental issues that can be addressed with porcelain veneers: permanent tooth whitening, broadening of the smile, removal of gaps between teeth, lengthening of teeth, and straightening of teeth.

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