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4- Appropriate post-op foods


  • Diet

  • Best foods to eat

  • Irrigation instructions

  • Foods to avoid

  • Foods that promote healing

5- Appropriate post-op activities


  • Appropriate post-op activities

  • When to call your dentist with questions

Post operative videos


1- What to do immediately following the procedure


  • What to do about bleeding

  • What to eat

  • When and how to take medications

  • How to use cold compresses

  • What to do if feeling light-headed or faint

2- Things to do on the days and weeks following surgery


  • Diet

  • How to avoid nausea

  • Managing and decreasing discomfort

  • The normal course of healing

3- How to best manage discomfort


  • Managing discomfort

  • Normal progression of discomfort and swelling

  • Medications to be taken to manage discomfort and swelling

6- Dry sockets and how to treat them


  • Definition of a dry socket

  • Normal amount of discomfort

  • How to avoid increasing discomfort

  • Best course of action for a dry socket

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