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Pre Anesthesia Instructions


Instructions for patients prior to sedation or General Anesthesia


These instructions must be adhered to before commencing with anesthesia.  Neglecting any of the following may compel the doctor to cancel the start of treatment.


Preoperative Evaluation

If your doctor has requested pretreatment evaluation by your physician (pediatrician) please make sure you bring a copy of the medical evaluation to our office on the day of treatment.  It is also extremely helpful if you ask your physician or child’s pediatrician to fax over the form when it is completed after your evaluation. This allows our doctors to review the medical findings prior to your appointment.


Eating and Drinking

For those patients being treated in the morning do not eat or drink anything after midnight. Those patients scheduled for treatment in the afternoon should ask the anesthesiologist if clear fluids are permitted the morning of treatment. If clear fluids are permitted the following are allowed: water, apple juice, tea. Do not­ add milk to any drinks. Patients not following these instructions may have their treatment session cancelled.



Medications normally taken, should be taken unless otherwise instructed by the doctors in this office, and may be taken only with a sip of water.


Clothing and Makeup

Please wear shirts with short sleeves or no sleeves and buttons. Comfortable pants or sweat pants should also be worn as well as comfortable flat shoes – Do not wear flip-flops. For children being treated, please bring an extra set of clothes. Contact lenses must be removed before the anesthetic is administered.  Leave all valuables at home.


Change in Health

A change in your health, especially the development of a cold or fever is very important.  For your safety, if you have symptoms of a cold within fourteen (14) days of treatment you may be reappointed for another day.  Please inform the office of any change in health as soon as you are aware of it.



A responsible adult must drive you to the office.  A parent and another adult must accompany all children receiving sedation or general anesthesia.


Getting Home

A responsible adult must drive the adult patient home.  Any child receiving sedative management must be taken home by the parent and a second adult.  ALL patients should be in a car seat or if old enough wear a seat belt and should be sitting in an upright position on their way home.  Do not plan to drive a vehicle or operate potentially dangerous equipment for 24 hours after your treatment.  Do not take a bus or a taxi home.



A parent or responsible adult should be with the patient until the next day. The child, if sleepy, should be placed on a blanket on the floor in a room where the parent or responsible adult is staying.

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